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Mrs. Summers

Grades taught & where?

 3rd Grade at Awesome Roosevelt Elementary; 9th Grade at Ben Lomond & Box Elder Middle School

Education (include any certifications or endorsements you have obtained).

 BA degree in Secondary Education, Business Education, English Education and Journalism. Associates Degrees in Sales and Service & Interior/Graphic Design. *Working on LEA and being Google Certified

Who/What inspired you to go into education?

 My Mom was my first teacher so she inspired me the most. At an early age my elementary teachers would have me tutor other students. I loved it. Mrs. Owens, Miss Flamm, Coach Dean, Mr. Slater, Mrs. Greenwood, Mr. Furch, Mrs. Tucker, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Thompson were all superior examples. I had a plethora of great teachers that were very inspirational. My sister is an amazing teacher and she inspired me.

What do you do when you aren't in school?

 I love to make wooden crates, do photography, arts and crafts, sewing, camping, fishing, and swimming. I love to boat, ski, bike, hammock, Water Zumba, tease my children and watch time travel movies with my husband.

Favorite quote or your philosophy on education?

 "The secret in education lies in respecting the student." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Allow your students the opportunity to see mistakes and imperfection as part of the process." Education to the Core
"No significant LEARNING occurs without a significant RELATIONSHIP." Dr. James Comer, K. Barney, D. Halladay, T. Jackson and S. Harris

Favorite book?

 The Help

Something Interesting about you:

 I love 50's music and Reggae music.

Your favorite things:

 I love inspirational quotes, humor, student art work, Crunchy Cheetos, Almond Joy candy bars, kiwi, how-to books, fun 3rd grade math games, STEAM activities, bracelets and anklets.

What is your favorite Leader In Me habit and why?

Think Win Win is my favorite Leader in Me habit because I love feeling positive and I like the warm feeling I get when everyone wins.