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Leader in Me

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We will understand and practice the 7 (plus one) Habits of Highly Effective People.

7 Habits of Happy Kids

1-Be Proactive: We will focus on Habit 1 "Be Proactive" all through the month of September.  Feel free to use these video links with your family or to help you understand our objectives. 

Reactive vs. Proactive 

Proactive Language 

Just the Way I Am 

2- Begin With the End in Mind: October's Focus is Habit 2. 

Before leaders begin projects they think ahead, they begin with the end in mind!  This habit encourages us to center our lives on principles. 

Create your Family Mission Statement! 

Goob and the Bug Collecting Kit

Jenni & Zippy Plan Ahead

3- Put First Things First-November's Focus

4-Think Win-Win-December's Focus

5- Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood-January's Focus

6- Synergize-February's Focus

7- Sharpen the Saw-March's Focus

New to Leader in Me is Habit # 8

8 - Find Your Voice-April's Focus


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