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Parking / Traffic Flow

Pick up/Drop off:

When dropping off and picking up children, please use the front parking lot only. You may park in a parking stall to the northwest of the school and walk your children to and from the school. Or you may drive through the pick-up / drop off lane.  Please do not leave your car in the pick-up / drop off or pull through lanes (use the parking lot).

If you choose the pick-up  / drop off lane, please  pull forward when the car in front of you leaves (think airport drop off/ pick-up).  When dropping off or picking up your children, adults will be available to assist your children in quickly exiting or entering your vehicle so that you may pull into the pull through lane and make room for the cars behind you.  Please watch closely for students, parents, faculty, and other vehicles. Safety is our number one concern.

Please be courteous to our neighbors around the school by not blocking their driveways.


Parking / Traffic Flow Video


Parking lot procedure