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Power School Grades and Progress


  • Login to PowerSchool at
  • After logging in, you will be on the ‘Grades and Attendance’ page
  • The page will be similar to Figure 1 (see below).
    • On the page there is a list of all of your student’s courses.
      • Switch students by clicking different names in the top left corner.
    • Under ‘T1’ you should see zeroes. 
      • In secondary schools you would see a percent and a letter grade. 
      • At Roosevelt Elementary we follow the direction of the district to report progress on standards.
    • Click on the zero to see the comments and assignment list for the course.
      • Teachers at Roosevelt Elementary were asked to add all of their comments to ‘Homeroom’.  
      • Some courses may have no assignments.
  • To view standards proficiencies and progress, click the ‘Standards Grades’ tab just above the course schedule. (See Figure 1 below)
    • The tab will open and show the course list.
    • Click the ‘Expand All’ button in the upper right corner to view the standards and proficiencies for each course.

Figure 1 ~ Grades and Attendance Page