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Miss Martin

Grades taught & where?

I taught Kindergarten my 1st year, and 2nd since then. I have taught here at Roosevelt Elementary the entire time.

Education (include any certifications or endorsements you have obtained).

I have a dual Bachelors degree in early childhood and elementary education and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Who/What inspired you to go into education?

 I have always enjoyed working with children and I have always wanted to help them.

What do you do when you aren't in school?

I enjoy watching movies, reading, spending time with my family, playing and listening to music, and working on craft projects at my house.

Favorite quote or your philosophy on education?

 I promise you every day your child will learn something. Some days they will bring it home in their hands. Some days they will bring it home in their heads, and some days they will bring it home in their hearts. -Valerie Welk-

Favorite book?

 There are too many to just choose one.

Something Interesting about you:

 I like to sing and play the piano. I share a birthday with my brother, but we are not twins. 

Your favorite things:

 I love chocolate caramel and ice cream, I love polka dots, and the color red.

What is your favorite Leader In Me habit and why?

My favorite habit would probably be habit 3 - Put First Things First. I really enjoy making lists of things to do so I make sure to get everything done and then I get to cross them off. :)