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Miss Clark

Grades taught & where?

 7 years teaching 1st Grade at Roosevelt Elementary

Education (include any certifications or endorsements you have obtained).

Bachelors of Elementary Education from Utah State University Masters of Science in Curriculum Design and Instruction Reading Endorsement Level 1 and 2 Math Endorsement ESL Endorsement

Who/What inspired you to go into education?

 I was inspired to go into education by my grandfather. When I was about 10 years old, I was working on a project for school. My Grandpa looked at it and told me I did a wonderful job. He then looked right at me and said, "I think that you would be an amazing teacher." I never forgot that. As I grew up, I pursued the field of education and found a love and enjoyment in teaching.

What do you do when you aren't in school?

When I am not in school I enjoy reading, hiking, paddle boarding, quilting, playing with my dog, and spending time with my family.

Favorite quote or your philosophy on education?

 "What we learn becomes part of who we are."

Favorite book?

 Harry Potter!!!!!! I love everything magical! :)

Something Interesting about you:

 I can wiggle my ears.

Your favorite things:

My favorite activities include reading, quilting and crafts, and being outside. I always enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola. My favorite colors are turquoise and purple. My favorite snacks include chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, and a Kit Kat bar. I love horses, dogs, and elephants.

What is your favorite Leader In Me habit and why?

My favorite Leader in Me Habit is Habit #2-Begin with the End in Mind. This is my favorite habit because I like to set goals and I look forward to reaching them. Goals help us to try new things and step outside of our comfort zones. I work hard to achieve things that are  difficult for me or that I don't think I could have ever achieved.