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November 28, 2023 - Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

1. Welcome and Call to Order and take roll: Shelly Harris- Present: Anne Wankier, Belen Pulsipher, Sara Farris.

Community Council Members:

  • Principal/Director, Shelly Harris
  • Chair, Adam Soderborg
  • Vice Chair, Sara Farris
  • Secretary, Natalie Valentine

Parent Members 2023-2024

  • Parent Member, Allie Schneiter
  • Parent Member, Erika Munns
  • Parent Member, Natalie Valentine
  • Parent Member, Tayler Gilmore

Parent Members 2022-2023

  • Parent Member, Adam Soderborg (2nd year)
  • Parent Member, Brea Eskelson (2nd year)

Teacher Members 2023-2024

  • Teacher Member, Anne Wankier (2nd year)
  • Teacher Member, Belen Pulsipher (2nd year)
  • Teacher Member, Sara Farris (1st year)

Questions about rebuild and money spent

I had a parent and community council member ask about why a Trustland Budget would be needed if we don’t have a school next year? GREAT QUESTION! And one that I did not think to address, but I need to let all parents know about this. Thank you for asking Tayler! The answer is: we won’t have a physical school but we will have a Roosevelt Elementary. Meaning, we will be spread out but we will still function as Roosevelt. We will be dividing our funding based on the percentage of students at the host schools. We will still fund our programs, fund our Chromebooks, pay for our aides to assist in classrooms, and use the budget as needed to keep Roosevelt students up to speed. All staff will still be “Roosevelt Staff”, including myself and our secretaries, custodians, and teachers. The staff will still report to me, as their principal, we will just be assimilated into the host schools for the year. It will be quite a ride for a year!! Great question because this also pertains to our Title 1 funding and our TSSA budget.

Update on budget -13000 for Chromes

The $13,000 allocated for the Chromebook rental was paid out of Trustlands in October. This is the only budget item paid so far.

We will meet again as a council on January 16th at 3:30 pm! Hope you are all well and have a wonderful holiday season!