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February 2020 Meeting Notes

Community Council Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
School Library

Welcome and Call to Order – Michael Thomas

Those in Attendance:

Micheal Thomas, Tracie Jackson, Michelle Wright, Jon Wright, Brea Eskelsen, Erin Eskelson, Kitty Barney, Brittany Ryan, Shelly Harris, Melinda Martin, Aubrey Allen

Those absent: Jodi Dixon, Jason Allen, Bobbi Beckstead

Roosevelt Mission Statement: Roosevelt Elementary exists to provide a safe environment that ensures the academic, social, and emotional success of every child.

Roosevelt Vision Statement: At Roosevelt Elementary, we are loved and we love learning.

Proposed plan for 2020-2021
We discussed to increase is growth percent for the math goal for the 2020-2021 school year, because we met the 2019-2020 math goal by mid-year.

We read through the 2020-2021 plan, and made editing changes.

We voted on changes...Michael Thomas proposed to accept the changes, Brittany seconded, unanimous agreement

Review of current Plan, Budget and Data—Kitty Barney

Reading Goal

Budget 2019-2020--$56,600

Reading Aides’ Salaries
Reading Aide Salaries=6 Paraprofessional = $36,300
$20,300 spent
$16,000 remaining
Art Aide Salary=$4,900
$3,500 spent
$1,400 remaining
Substitutes while teachers attend professional development=$2,000
(We have spent $2,067.00 for 3 PLC conference registrations for Ms. Haslam, Mrs. Gaughan, and Ms. Fillmore)
-$67.00 remaining

Computer Aide=$4,900
$3,500 spent
$1,400 remaining

Chromebook Leases=$7,900
$7,900 spent
$0 remaining
Software=$3,000—(We have spent this for Dreambox)
$3,000 spent
$0 remaining

Replace document cameras as we switch to Windows 10=$1,000
$1,000 spent
$0 remaining

Total spent $ 41,067.00
Balance $15,533.00

d. We may need additional funds to replace projectors, SMART
Title I plan:
Title I Plan
Parent involvement-Parent Engagement
Helping our Spanish Parents become part of our school culture
Include more communication in Spanish
Make personal connections with our ELL families.

Family Nights
Monday, November 25, 2019
We had 137 parents RSVP this is about 50% of our families.
There was a head count of 571 people for dinner.

2. Monday, February 24, 2020 PTA will be hosting this

Nominations and voting schedule for 2020:
Open seats for parents: 4 seats
Nominations April 6th – April 17th
Do we have any Parent Nominations?
Voting April 20th – May 1st
Open seats for teachers: This will be determined by how many parents are nominated and voted for. (at least 2 more parents than the number of teachers)
Nominations for teacher April 29, 2020
Voting for teacher May 13, 2020 at (Faculty Meeting)
We would like to send home notes advertising the open council slots for parents, like we did last year.
Kitty will send the form out to families via email.

This was the last Meeting for 2019-2020

Other Items: