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October 2020 Meeting Notes

Community Council Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 28, 2020
School Library
Meeting Minutes
1. Welcome and Call to Order and take roll: Bryce Bowman
              Those in attendance:
              Parents: Bryce Bowman, Brea Eskelsen, Jodi Dixon
              Educators: Shelly Harris, Tracie Jackson, Marie Lyon, Melinda Martin
             Those absent:
             Parents: Jessica Oyler, Jason Allen, Bobbi Beckstead, Erin Eskelson
             Educators: Kitty Barney
2. Council Members Signatures Page and Principal Assurance Page Signature: Should be emailed to you directly to electronically sign.
3. Review of current Plan and Budget: Kitty Barney
                ● Goals
                       1. Reading Goal:
                       At least 64% of students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade will show typical or
                      above typical growth, using Acadience.
                      2. Math Goal
                      At least 80% of students in grades kindergarten through 6th grade will show at least 45%
                               growth, or achieve 100% on the math SGA.
                 ● Budget 2020-2021--$61,052.00
                              1. Reading Aide Salaries = $14,800
                                         ● We have paid $1850 so far this year salaries
                              2. Art Aide Salary = $6,700
                                       ● We have paid $878 so far this year salaries
                     3. Technology = $2,200
                           ● We have Paid $2,200 so far this year Chromebook lease
                     4. Leader in Me student books = $2,300
                     5. Substitutes = $500
                     6. Professional Development = $800
                            1. Math Aide Salaries = $14,800
                          ● We have paid $1,850 so far this year
                    2. Computer Aide = $6,700
                          ● We have paid $878 so far this year
                    3. Chromebook Leases $10,000
                          ● We have paid $10,000 so far this year Chromebook lease
                    4. Software = $2,200
                         ● We have paid $2,200 so far this year for IXL
                                                        Total Budget: $61,000
                                                        Spent so far: $19,856
                                                        Budget Balance: $41,144
                                                        Carry Over Budget from 2019-2020: $18,407
                                                             ● We Hired another Math Para for the 2020-2021 school year
                                                                        with this money
                                                        Budget Balance with Carry over: $59,551
4. Data Dive:
             ● School-Wide GoalsReading -Tracie Jackson
                  1. Goal- 64% of students will show typical or above typical growth on Acadience.
                        a. Baseline Data
                              Fourth Grade 47% at or above benchmark
                              Fifth Grade 45% at or above benchmark
                              Sixth Grade 58% at or above benchmark
                2. Math Goal-80% of students will 45% growth or achieve 100% on Math Student Growth
                       Assessment (SGA)
                       a. Baseline Data
                              Kindergarten 0%
                              First Grade 6%
                              Second Grade 8.13%
                              Third Grade 2.57%
                              Fourth Grade 11%
                              Fifth Grade 25%
                              Sixth Grade 29.6%
Tracie Jackson reviewed the data from our BOY DIBELs and our Math SGA data (above) We have a lot of
room to grow in both areas.
5. Title I plan 2020-21: Shelly Harris
Shelly will share this document with the council when it is nearing completion, please read and give her fe
feedback. Before we submit it, we will need the council’s signatures on the submission page.  She will
check with Kitty about how we will go about this. She suggested maybe having the first page in the office
and if anyone is in the building picking up students they could pop in and sign.
                 1. Data Video
                 2. Roosevelt’s Report Card 2018
                 3. Roosevelt’s Report Card 2019 not available due to no testing with COVID-19
                 4. Family Engagement Nights ideas:
                       a. Virtual Math Night
                       b. Virtual Literacy Night
                       c. Virtual STEM Night
                       d. Virtual Leader in Me Night
                       e. Virtual Canvas Night
                       f. Others--Virtual math bowl using Kahoots? Are you smarter than your 5th grader?  
                       Do one for each grade level
                      g. Write a book together as a class, make up a line at a time and publish the book.
                      h. Build a snowman? Faculty could judge
                      i. Pumpkin decorating contest-? Shelly will check on getting pumpkins for each family.
                      Maybe add a math packet with activities around this pumpkin walk at the school with the
                      decorated pumpkins. Have them bring it on Wednesday Oct. 28th.  Do a drive by 
                      Wednesday Night and then the students will take them home on Thursday the 29th
5. Family Engagement Night Dates (We need to hold at least 2 but can hold more, which month works
                     a. October-- Pumpkin contest tied to math(academics) and The Leader in Me 7 Habits
                     (Social Emotional Learning)
                     b. January-- Possible do a snowman or sculpture-we would need to tie academics to this
                     but we could have them measure circumference, height, etc.
                     c. April-- Leader in Me possibly after Spring Break
6. Next Meeting: Monday, January 4, 2021 (We need to discuss goals for the 2021-2022 school year)
7. Other Items:
8. Adjournment: 
See you next time.