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I am Mrs. Barney and I am so happy to be joining the Roosevelt Raptors.  I look forward to working with the faculty and staff at Roosevelt, the students and their parents.  This is my seventh year as an administrator in Weber School District.  Before becoming a principal, I taught elementary school.  I have taught every grade except for third.  I so value education and the opportunities it provides for our future generations.  I enjoy serving the students, parents and the community.  Everyone has made me feel so welcome.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” –Aristotle--

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family.  I have a wonderful supportive husband, a son and daughter and three amazing grandchildren.  I enjoy the outdoors, walking, hiking, and biking.  One of my favorite things to do is travel to new places.  Before I travel somewhere new, I read as much as I can about that area of the world.  I also enjoy reading books, quilting, cleaning,  and gardening.

 Welcome back to school! I am thrilled to be a member of Roosevelt Elementary School. I look forward to meeting and becoming acquainted with the staff, students and parents. I have met with several of the PTA board members and I am excited to be working with such a wonderful PTA who wants the very best for our children. I would encourage all parents to sign up to become a member of our PTA. By joining the PTA you are giving all students the opportunity to participate in character education programs such as Red Ribbon Week, Reflections, as well as many other programs. The beginning of the year is always an exciting time of the school year. It is a time to renew old friendships and cultivate new ones. All of us, at Roosevelt Elementary School, want to make this a successful year for your child. Your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional efforts, will ensure academic success for your child. We are proud of our staff and students and invite you to be involved at Roosevelt Elementary School. There is a spirit of cooperation and progress in our school, we want to share with you. Parents please visit our classrooms, school office, library, cafeteria, computer labs and playground. One of my focuses this year is going to be physical safety of our students. The first few weeks of school, I have been observing the front of the school loading and unloading procedures for parents who drive their children to school. Parents I am asking for your help in keeping our children safe. We have painted new stripes in the drop of zones. Please help your children by using these crossing areas as we have adults there every morning and afternoon helping children as well. We also need your help in not parking on the front sidewalks. When you do this, it does not allow a place for children to walk and we do not want any child hit by a car. One last item, be sure not to park in front of the fire hydrant. The goal of our school is to provide each student with a safe environment and a challenging rigorous curriculum appropriate to his/her academic level. We believe every child can achieve academic success. To this end, every child will be provided with quality instructional experiences, which recognize, support, and maintain high expectations for all students. Another one of my focuses this year will be attendance. You are welcome to stop in our lunchroom to review the bulletin board that we are using to track grade level attendance. When children are at school on time every day they will continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Through teamwork, open communication, and a dedication to continuous improvement, we can make this school a place children delight in and enjoy learning. “None of our efforts are as good as all our efforts together”. Remember you are always welcome at Roosevelt Elementary!

Sincerely, Kitty Barney


































































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