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Aug 21st   Back to School Night
     4:30 - 6:00 pm
Aug 22nd  First Day of School
     Early Out 1:15 pm
Aug 23-25th   Early Out-1:15 pm
Sept 4th   Labor Day- No School
Sept 14th   School Pictures
Sept 15th Professional Development
     Early Out - 1:15 pm

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You Did Awesome at Olympiad and Ironman!




Parents and Students,

Wow! This is the last Newsletter of this school year. We have learned and experienced so much! From the Kindergarten students learning the routines of school to 6th graders becoming ready to move on to new adventures, everyone has grown by leaps and bounds.   I am confident that every student at Roosevelt can find happiness and success in the future.

     Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go...

                   Just remember how far you have come!

If there are resources that you need access to in the summertime, please come and ask. I have community contact information for Counseling Services, Parenting Classes and Programs, Food Assistance, and Clothing Services.  I also have a bulletin board outside of my room with information on available services.

Best wishes for a safe and fun summer! If I don’t see you at the swimming pool, I will see you in August!











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