Parents and Students,

This year is off to a great start!  We have been busy practicing the Skills for Learning.  These included Focusing Attention, Listening, and Self-talk.  These skills show respect for others (help us keep friends) and help us to be better learners. 

      Listening Tips:
Eyes on the Speaker
Don't Interrupt
Ask Questions to Clarify
Repeat what you heard to show that you Understand

Our October Counselor Collaborative Lessons will include Being Assertive, Feeling Confident, and Identifying and Managing Feelings. 

Being assertive means asking for what you need in a calm and firm voice.  We will learn the differences between being passive, assertive, and aggressive.  Assertiveness skills help us to have better self-esteem, friendships, and resolve conflicts.

     Assertiveness Tips:
Face the Person you are Talking to
Keep your Head Up and Shoulders Back
Use a CALM, Firm Voice

We will also learn to identify our feelings and feelings in others.  We will learn to read face clues, body clues, and situation clues.  These skills build empathy for others.  When we have empathy, conflicts, and social aggression (bullying) are minimized and friendships increase.

We have also had our first Raptor Academic Awards and Character Awards for Respect.  October’s Character Value that we are focusing on is “Always Caring”.

I am looking forward to another fantastic month!  Roosevelt Elementary is a great place to be.  As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.

Dione Halladay
Roosevelt Elementary, School Counselor

















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