Writing Hall of Fame

Students in 8th and 9th grade English classes have been using the My Access writing program this year.   Students are able to plan, draft and edit writing using this computer program. Students get instant feedback on their writing submissions.  Teachers and students work together to revise writings.  English teachers are proud of student work and achievement in the area of writing this year. Listed below are students who have worked very hard to revise and edit writings to get a perfect 6 on one or more of their writings.  Congratulations writers!!!  We will be adding more names soon.


Writing Hall of Fame

Aly Anderson

Zen Anderson

Caitlin Arnold

Abigail Bolos

 Amber Broderick

Shannon Critchlow

Alyssa Deeter

Hailey Glenn

Jayna Hafen

Sierra Hogge

Eliza Johnson

Wesley Johnson

Courtney Jones

Clarissa Knight

Casee Kunz

Nicolette Lowe

Alejandra Meza

Jackson Munn

Shyann Mushrush

Brooke Nielson

Haeli Rich

Alea Spendlove

Kortney Stephens

Megan Thongrit

Jasmine Tilley

Caitlin Toponce

Ashley Vongbandith 

Rhiannon Weaver

Jacob White

Darbi Wilson

Randi Wiese

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