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   Community Council Meeting Notes

Wednesday, January 8, 2020
School Library

Welcome and Call to Order – Michael Thomas

Those in Attendance:

Parents: Michael Thomas, Brea Eskelsen, Jon Wright, Jodi Dixon

Educators: Michelle Wright, Melinda Martin, Tracie Jackson, Marie Lyon, Brittany Ryan, Kitty Barney (Principal)

Those absent:

Parents: Becky Simpson, Bobbi Beckstead, JoAnn Meyers, Jason Allen

Educators: Shelly Harris


Roosevelt Mission Statement: Roosevelt Elementary exists to provide a safe environment that ensures the academic, social, and emotional success of every child.


Roosevelt Vision Statement: At Roosevelt Elementary, we are loved and we love learning.


Link to the Building The Trust video for the School Trustlands and Community Council was shown.


Review of current Plan and Budget —Kitty Barney

Goals for 2019-2020
Reading Goal


Budget 2019-2020--$56,600
          1. Reading Aide Salaries=6 Paraprofessional = $36,300
                       $12,000 spent
                       $24,300 remaining
           2. Art Aide Salary=$4,900
                       $2550 spent
                       $2,350 remaining
          3. Substitutes while teachers attend professional development=$2,000
                     (We have spent $2,067.00 for 3 PLC conference registrations for Ms. Haslam, Mrs. Gaughan, and Ms. Fillmore)
                     -$67.00 remaining

          4. Technology

                    Computer Aide=$4,900
                    $2550 spent
                    $2350 remaining


                    Chromebook Leases=$7,900 Getting Chromebooks Feb 10th
                    $7,900 spent
                    $0 remaining
                    Software=$3,000—(We have spent this for Dreambox)
                    $3,000 spent
                    $0 remaining


                    Replace document cameras as we switch to Windows 10=$1,000
                    $1,000 spent
                    $0 remaining

Total spent:                    $ 31,067.00
Balance remaining:       $25,533.00

School Needs and Data --Tracie Jackson

      1.Reading--State Goal is 60% of students 1st through 3rd will make typical or above typical growth
      2.Reading--Roosevelt’s Goal for 2019-2020 is 63% of students Kindergarten-6th grade will make typical or above typical growth
                DIBELS K-3 2018-2019
                DIBELS 4th-6th were all above 60% 2018-2019
                DIBELS BOY 2019-2020
                      a.Kindergarten FSF
                      b. 1st Grade 73% NWF
                      c. 2nd Grade 64% Accuracy
                      d. 3rd Grade 72% Accuracy
                      e. 4th Grade 63% Composite
                      f. 5th Grade 52% Composite
                      g. 6th Grade 68% Composite

               DIBELS MOY 2019-2020
                      a.Kindergarten 69% PFS 55% NWF
                      b. 1st Grade 79% NWF 6% Growth - 8% is our Growth goal
                      c. 2nd Grade 66% Accuracy 2% Growth - 3% is our Growth goal
                      d. 3rd Grade 66% Accuracy -6% Growth - 5% is our Growth goal
                      e. 4th Grade 79% Composite
                      f. 5th Grade 41% Composite
                     g. 6th Grade 55% Composite

Tracie Jackson explained the DIBELS data. She will be Roosevelt's Instructional Coach next year. She will be working with 5th and 6th grade on Tier 1 Reading instruction. Discussed that higher achieving students, and how they sometimes don’t show growth on DIBELS. Roosevelt School goal is 60% growth over the year. Dreambox goal is between 5% and 10% growth.

    3. Math--Roosevelt’s Goal for 2019-2020 is 60% of students Kindergarten-6th grade will make 25% or better using the math SGA
               1. DreamBox data
                    a.Kindergarten 9% growth
                    b. 1st Grade 14% growth
                    c. 2nd Grade 14% growth
                    d. 3rd Grade 9% growth
                    e. 4th Grade 3% growth
                    f. 5th Grade 6% growth
                    g. 6th Grade 4% growth

               2. Beginning of Year (BOY) Math SGA
                    a.Kindergarten 0%
                    b. 1st Grade 11%
                    c. 2nd Grade 17.6%
                    d. 3rd Grade 1%
                    e. 4th Grade 30%
                    f. 5th Grade 39%
                    g. 6th Grade 34%

             3. Middle of Year (MOY) Math SGA
                     b. 1st Grade
                     c. 2nd Grade
                     d. 3rd Grade
                     e. 4th Grade
                     f. 5th Grade
                     g. 6th Grade 63%

No data entered because we are waiting for the rest of the grades to complete the MOY SGA testing. Michelle Wright will send an email to all teachers reminding them to complete and turn in their data.

            4. STEM (Robotics and PLTW)
                    a.License for PLTW was $750.00 this year but will be going up next year.
            5. ASCEND (Safe Technology use, using google certified teachers to teach appropriate lessons using technology)
                    a.This years Trustlands plan is for $11,900.00
                    b.ASCEND for next year will be $18,000.00
                    c. Math Dreambox licenses are $8,000.00
                    d. PLC Aide $5500.00
                    e. We may need additional funds to replace projectors, SMART boards, headphones, mice etc.
                    f. We can use some of the TSSA money

           6. Character Ed. (Leader in Me)
                  a. online license is $3000.00
                  b. Student work books are about $4500.00
                             1. 2017-2018 Suspensions 23
                             2. 2018-2019 Suspensions 11
                             3. 2019-2020 Suspensions 7 so far this year
                             4. Parent Survey will be sent out next month for Leader in Me (Kitty will send weekly repeated reminders for parents                                                     to complete the LIM Survey.  We had 30 parents participate last year in the survey)

100% of the Community Council members who were present at this meeting, voted for reading, math, and technology Trustlands goals for the 2020-2021 school year.

For next meeting, Kitty will place the plan in a google doc. Members will look over it at the beginning of the next meeting.


Title I plan:
Parent involvement-Parent Engagement
Helping our Spanish Parents become part of our school culture
Include more communication in Spanish
Make personal connections with our ELL families.


Family Engagement Nights

Monday, November 25, 2019
We had 137 of our parents RSVP that they would be attending with their families.  This is about 50% of our families.
There was a head count of 571 people for dinner.

Monday, February 24, 2020 PTA will be hosting this

Notified parents of  Family Engagement Night.  We had a lengthy discussion concerning the tax reform bill and it’s possible impact on education funding.


Nominations and voting schedule for 2020-2021:
Open seats for parents: 4 seats
Nominations April 6th – April 17th
Voting April 20th – May 1st
Open seats for teachers: This will be determined by how many parents are nominated and voted for. (at least 2 more parents than the number of teachers)
Nominations for teacher April 29, 2020
Voting for teacher May 13, 2020 at (Faculty Meeting)


Last Meeting for 2019-2020: Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Other Items:


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