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Community Council Agenda

Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020


School Library



1. Welcome and Call to Order and take roll - Kitty Barney


Mission Statement: Roosevelt Elementary exists to provide a safe environment that ensures the academic, social, and emotional success of every child.


Vision Statement: At Roosevelt Elementary, we are loved and we love learning.


2.Nominations and voting for School Community Council Positions 

              1. Chair:

              2. Co-chair:

              3. Secretary:


3. Adopt Rules and Order of Procedures


4. Trustlands Training Video and School Website:


5. Choose the dates and times for this coming years meetings

    1. Tuesday, September 1, 2020
    2. October or November
    3. January
    4. March (Before the 5th)


6. Review of current Plan and Budget:  Kitty Barney

            1.  Goals

                   1. Reading Goal

                    2. Math Goal


        2. Budget 2020-2021--$61,052.00


7. Title I plan:  Shelly Harris  


8. Next Meeting:


9. Other Items:


10. Adjournment




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