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Roosevelt School Community Council Members 2022-2023

Principal/DirectorShelly Naef- s

Chair, TBA

Vice Chair, TBA

Secretary, TBA


Parent Members 2021-2023

Parent Member, Aubrey Allen  

Parent Member, Andrea Pitts -  

Parent Member, Kelly Burnett -


Parent Members 2022-2024

Parent Member, Bryce Bowman -

Parent Member, Jessica Oyler -

Parent Member, Brea Eskelsen -  

Parent Member, Taleea Fuit -  

Parent Member, Adam Soderborg -  


Teacher Members 2021-2023

Teacher Member, Nanci Hart -  

Teacher Member, Cheryleen Simone -  

Teacher Member, Justyn Zook -  


Teacher Members 2022-2024

Teacher Member, Tracie Jackson -  

Teacher Member, Anne Wankier -  

Teacher Member, Darlie Worton -  

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