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Our school

Joomla Monster Education Template

Grades taught & where?

 First Grade at Roosevelt Elementary

Education (include any certifications or endorsements you have obtained).

 Master's Degree in Instructional Design, Bachelor's of Science with a Double Major in Elementary and Early Childhood Education

Who/What inspired you to go into education?

 Volunteering in my children's kindergarten class

What do you do when you aren't in school?

 Spend time with family

Favorite quote or your philosophy on education?

 "The secret in Education Lies in Respecting the Student." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Favorite book?

 The Wizard of Oz

Something Interesting about you:

 I love animals and nature.

Your favorite things:

 Chocolate, Big Hunk candy bars, Diet soda, pens with colored ink, small prizes for the classroom prize box, plants and flowers.

What is your favorite Leader In Me habit and why?

Put first things first, because it yields great results and goal achievement.

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